British Empire War Tax


"Usage of British Empire War Tax Issues" CD-ROM

If you are interested in learning more about the Usages of British Empire War Tax stamps, I have made my entire exhibit (plus some auxiliary pages) available on an easy-to-use self-running CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM contains all pages that I have ever exhibited at some point.   They have generally been scanned at 300 dpi.

There are about 200 pages, all presented in a electronic "FlipBook" format.  The CD will run on Windows PC's with Windows 7, Vista and XP (and I just recently tested this on a Windows 10 32-bit version).   There is a Mac reader included as well, but I don't have a Mac so I can't test this particular functionality, and to my knowledge, it only works on certain older versions of OS-X

Think of it as a virtual stamp album for your computer!

Information from approx. 50 different sources has been compiled in the various pages, making this probably the most information published about the War Tax stamps and their postal history all in one place!


Gotta Have One?

The CD-ROM is available for only $ 17.95 with free shipping within the USA (or $5.00 shipping outside the USA).   To buy the CD now via PayPal using your credit card, simply click on one of the appropriate (USA vs Foreign shipments) PayPal buttons below.   This will take you directly to the PayPal website where you can login to complete the transaction, or if you have never used PayPal before to sign-up and then complete the transaction.   PayPal will notify me of your payment and I will ship the CD upon notification (note: should you use the e-check option at PayPal instead of a credit card or funded payment, then I will ship upon final transfer of the funds).


   War Tax CD for first-class mail shipments within the USA ($ 17.95)

   War Tax CD for airmail shipments to foreign destinations ($ 22.95)

 War Tax CD - download option ($ 13.95) --> If you use this option, after paying via PayPal, I will email you a link to my Dropbox account where you can download all files and folders to a local hard drive on your PC, after which you can run the software directly (no installation required) via the "StartCD" file.
--> Please note that the download version is the same as the one supplied on the CD-ROM, however, it still requires a device running Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10.   All files and folders will have to be downloaded; this will be around 19 folders and a total of 771 files with a total disk space of around 273 MB ... 




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